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latest update: 16/06/2023

help for registration

Explanations to registration groups:

  • printing company: here printed plastics products are produced. Printing companies are strategic partners and therefore having a licence number from Circular-Print. They are able to place pick-up orders for their used printed plastics products.
  • final print customer: they are customers from printing companies and used printed plastics products are generated here. They are supplied from printing company partners of Circular-Print and have to insert the licence number of their print supplier for any online pick-up order. Example: community xyz.
  • recycler: used printed plastics products are delivered to these recycling partners. from both printing companies and their end customers even. Here is done a recycling/upcycling process according Circular-Print rules. Products from recyclers are plastics regranulates which can be dosed on extrusion machines from sheet production partners.
  • sheet producers: here Circular-Print - regranulates are supplied to produce plastics sheets again. They are supplied to printing companies where the cycle starts newly again.
  • others: here all partners are able to register who are not explicitly belonging to any of the groups above.