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upcycling additivations

These additives are masterbatches with the registered nomenclature "WK UP®", are directly produced by the exclusive partner Walter Kunststoffe GmbH. Their dosage is done in different steps during the whole upcycling process, depending on quality of input material. The additives provide a smooth processing, are reactively bonding and inertizing unpleasant substances in the plastics melt and are conditioning the final regranulate for optimal further processing in the sheet production (i.e. to avoid corona treatment or primering of recycled sheets).

Also odour cavengers are dosed to guarantee odour-free regranulates. On request there are also special additives to be dosed during the plastics conversion step (sheet extrusion) directly. An example for this is WK UP®sorb O 2965, a cavenger for post-consumer odours arising from UV hardened printing ink residues.

Any of these additives are available also commercially and can be supplied under requesting a licence for it.

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