On this platform there are partners registered from all areas of the whole circular chain. After successful and confirmed registration all features of our site are activated to assure an easy way of cooperation between all partners. From there on our circular label is available to mark all your products made out of this dedicated circular print economy. Also our automatic pick-up order system is available then on your request. A regular "audit" can be held very short, efficient and costsaving or even avoided at all due to the advanced online documentation system. In many cases this does not require a direct meeting at all.

Branches of partners:

  • logistics for product pick-up and delivery
  • recycling and upcycling *
  • re-production
  • end application producers *

* Attention - exclusivities: due to the long development time for this upcycling and whole circular process there are exclusivities given to following partners:

In sense of a healthy environment and to further grow circular applications there are licence agreements possible for new partners out of these branches, too. Please to contact us via our contact form.