upcycling processes

This developed upcycling process enables the waste-free recycling of heavily printed plastics materials. It works via a multiple step process, supported by reactive additivation in dependence of color and printing ink system of the input materials. Finally a homogenous grey regranulate, fully compatible with REACH, is leaving the upcycling process. This regranulate can be dosed for 100 %, so without any use of virgin polymers, into a new sheet production process.

All additives were developed in several research projects done and are produced as masterbatches at the strategic recycling partner Walter Kunststoffe GmbH itself. These masterbatches follow a new nomenclature starting with "WK UP®", an again registered trademark for innovative compound and masterbatch products (i.e. WK UP®sorb O 2965, WK UP®cycle DUO 9181, ... ).

These products are commercially available via signing a licence of use (-> licence request).