Circular Economy - printed plastics

The highest level of recycling is a circular loop of plastics products, going again and again back into the same application. Especially with heavily printed plastics sheets this was impossible so far and there could be produced downstream-applications (mostly in injection moulding) only (= Downcycling)

As a result of several years of interdisciplinary research and development projects from innovative companies and research institutes in Austria a complete new trend-setting zero-waste solution was created. It is just revolutionizing this market branche for printed plastics sheets completely and the EU Directive 2030 for cicular economy is fulfilled already today!

Further a new logo is arriving on the market and labels this new state of the upcycling art and technique on 100 % circular recycling plastics.

And last but not least this platform was formed to demonstrate live and online the whole product cycle for all partners, like a "digitalized circular economy 4.0" even. From online order for used product pick-up to delivery of again printed goods and products to end customers everything is mapped with this document management system online. Also further interesting tools are available:

Interested as partner now? New candidatures as partner of Circular-Print (registrations) are possible any time. We are at your disposal in case of any questions.

Further links: listed under Best Practice Österreich from "Plattform Kreislaufwirtschaft Österreich" (Umweltdachverband GmbH in Vienna).


latest update: 16/06/2023

help for registration

Explanations to registration groups:

  • printing company: here printed plastics products are produced. Printing companies are strategic partners and therefore having a licence number from Circular-Print. They are able to place pick-up orders for their used printed plastics products.
  • final print customer: they are customers from printing companies and used printed plastics products are generated here. They are supplied from printing company partners of Circular-Print and have to insert the licence number of their print supplier for any online pick-up order. Example: community xyz.
  • recycler: used printed plastics products are delivered to these recycling partners. from both printing companies and their end customers even. Here is done a recycling/upcycling process according Circular-Print rules. Products from recyclers are plastics regranulates which can be dosed on extrusion machines from sheet production partners.
  • sheet producers: here Circular-Print - regranulates are supplied to produce plastics sheets again. They are supplied to printing companies where the cycle starts newly again.
  • others: here all partners are able to register who are not explicitly belonging to any of the groups above.